Elementary School Age

Book-Themed Parties & More

These programs are geared toward Kindergarten – 4th grade and are dependent on interest level.  We offer a number of programs based on popular characters, series, and books, as well as offering STEM/STEAM programs and ways for kids to explore, learn and have fun in the library!

Book Discussions

We’ve had a very successful (although small crowd) for our 3rd & 4th grade book discussions.  Theses kids usually read the book (unlike our middle school book discussions) and I keep the program to about 45 minutes and try to include an extension activity that coincides with the book we read.

Fun Friday

This 45-minute program is offered on half-days of school that occur once a month and is geared toward 1st – 4th graders.  The program is always called Fun Friday allowing me to offer a different theme every month and not being tied to any one idea.  I try to include art, movement, STEM, and other topics into the program to interest kids and teach them something new in a fun way!


We provide outreach to summer camps through our school district and our Parks & Recreation Department.  Having these connections allows us to reach kids who might not be getting the chance to come into the library on a regular basis.


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