Family Fort Night

30 Jan

blanket-fortWe’re having our very first Fort Night at the library this evening!  I’m so excited – this would have been the perfect program for me when I was younger!  My siblings and I made blanket forts all the time, usually taking over the family room or our play room and hanging out all day inside, but a fort in the library – that would have been the ultimate fort.

We have 30 kids registered (but many are siblings) so I’m hoping for 20 families to show up armed with blankets and sheets and flashlights of course!  We’re beginning the program at 4:30 tonight (we normally close at 5:00pm) and will end at 5:30pm.  We’re going to gather everyone together at the beginning, go over a few rules and guidelines and then let them loose in the children’s department.  Families will then have time to construct their forts and we’ve encouraged them to bring books to read or board games to play inside their forts.  During construction, my co-worker and I will be circulating around to all the tents to provide an extra-special snack for the kids – s’mores!  We’re going to do it the easy way with marshmallow fluff and chocolate spread which means we don’t have to worry about roasting marshmallows.

We’re also creating a book display full of great read aloud books the families can share.  I think it’s going to be an amazing program and can’t wait to see the forts these families create.

I’m working tomorrow too, so we’re having a GIGANTIC dance party with about 65 kids registered… wish me luck!


2 Responses to “Family Fort Night”

  1. summersvillepubliclibrary February 3, 2015 at 8:55 am #

    How did it go? I would love to do this but I am not sure how to advertise it so people know what to expect.

    • literacious February 3, 2015 at 9:19 am #

      It went really well! We had about 18 kids and their families show up. I advertised fairly simply with a reminder to bring your own fort building materials (i.e. blankets, sheets, etc.) I also reminded families the day before the event to bring their materials, a few flashlights and some things to do in their fort (books, games, etc.) I also had a number of picture books and chapter books available for the kids to browse during the event. The kids had a great time building and the parents were so appreciative of the event. We also served a special snack – s’mores! (Very easy recipe without the need to heat anything up, which the kids absolutely adored!) And surprisingly, everyone brought their blankets!

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