Summer Camp Outreach – Week #2

9 Jul

Book-With-No-PicturesThis week as I traveled back to camp, I brought with me a few favorite books and some really fun activities to try.  For the little ones (ages 5 & 6), I read The Book With No Pictures by B. J. Novak.  If you haven’t used this book yet, please, please, please use it!  A few of the kids had seen the book before, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying it!  My group of kids were so excited about the book that I had to read it twice in a row!  And still, some wanted me to read it again!

Afterward, we created our own Post-It Note birds that I found on Krokotak.  I used our Ellison die-cut machine to cut out small circles (about 4 inches in diameter) and allowed each child to use up to 7 Post-It Notes for their bird.  I found the Post-It Notes on Amazon (the small, page markers).  We also attached legs (toothpicks) using a piece of tape and a little modeling clay.

For the older kids (ages 7 & 8), I read from the beginning of Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman.  I love this story – it’s so far-fetched and a great laugh out loud type of book.  The kids were completely quiet while I was reading and a few asked if I could keep reading when we finished.  For their activity, we made marble magnets using flat marbles I found at Michael’s as well as scrapbook paper, magnets, and some Modge Podge.  Overall, the kids really enjoyed both programs and had a lot of fun!


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