Fun Friday: 3-D Art Sculptures

18 Dec

I took a lesson plan that I created for my summer camp visit and used it again for my Fun Friday groups last week.  I had all the supplies left over from camp, so I just grabbed some fun picture books to read aloud and let the kids spend the majority of the time creating art.  If you didn’t get a chance to read about my summer camp visits, check it out!  It was really interesting to see what the kids created and I was honestly surprised by how absolutely off the walls the older kids were (grades 2 – 4).  They were not very patient waiting for the glue to hold, some didn’t even try to create the tubes and did their own thing and many were done way before they needed to sculptures1

So when the younger kids came in (Kindergarten & 1st grade) I let them know that I bet they would be able to do this craft better than the older kids.  And it was no surprise that they did!  They needed a little more help, but were much more patient and much more creative than the older kids were.

Both groups of kids loved the books I chose:


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