Don’t Let the Pigeon… Party

31 Mar

DVD853Yesterday we had a fun Pigeon party at the library for our young elementary school kids (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade), sadly we only ended up with 12 kids in attendance, but they definitely had fun!  I made this program really easy by using the Pigeon’s 10th Birthday Celebration Activity Kit.

From this kit we first learned how to draw Pigeon (pgs. 5-7) – I really liked the way they taught how to draw Pigeon, tracing and breaking the paper into sections to draw each part.  The kids did a really great job drawing – I was impressed by how well they followed the directions (not an easy task for little ones).

After we learned how to draw Pigeon, we then made our own Pigeon and Duckling finger puppets (pgs. 8-9).  These were so cute and it was a great way to give the kids a chance to practice their scissor skills, a skill that always needs more work, especially with the younger kids.

41H7fEzL63L__SY300_Finally, after our crafts were finished, the kids were given the chance to go through an obstacle course.  This I created on my own using the Pigeon books as loose inspiration.  We started with Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and the kids had to jump over a “puddle” to “get on the bus.”  The second step was inspired by The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog and the kids had to crawl through our tunnel (kind of shaped like a hot dog).  For Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late, I made a quick clock using cardstock and a brad and the kids had to set the clock to midnight.  They then hopped on one foot to pet a stuffed animal dog five times on the head for The Pigeon Wants a Puppy.  After petting our “puppy” the kids scrubbed their hands in a bowl of water for The Pigeon Needs a Bath.  Finally, for The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? the kids skipped back into our program room for their snack – cookies!  The kids absolutely loved the obstacle course!

Form any of my programs, I try and offer both art/craft activities as well as physical activities to appeal to as many kids as possible – and it usually works pretty well!  Our next program is focused on the very popular character in our library – Geronimo Stilton… stay tuned!


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