Schools are Off, I’m at Work…

19 Jan

Lego_Color_Brickswhich means – Lego programs!  Lego programs are some of the easiest programs to provide to the public, they’re fairly hands off and don’t require too much set-up or clean up (especially if you can get the kids to help!)  We offered a program this morning at 11:00 am and have another one scheduled for 4:00 pm this afternoon for children from Kindergarten – 4th grade.  Although we had about 30 kids registered, we ended up with about 16 kids.  This afternoon we have another 30 signed up and I’m hoping for a larger audience.

I think after seeing how this goes today, I’m going to try to push to offer a program like this in a more passive way – maybe just having the Legos available on the library’s main floor.  That way we could also put out our Duplos and maybe some other building materials and families with children of all ages could come and play as their time permits.  They can then stay and play as long as they want and myself or other librarians could just keep an eye on things from the Children’s Reference Desk throughout the day.  My only concern is that we actually don’t have too many Legos and when we asked if community members were willing to donate their old Legos, no one wanted to part with them!  So we might need to get our hands on some more bricks before we can provide an open, passive program.


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