Geronimo Stilton Party

27 May

3306-0Although I had hoped for a larger turnout as these books can’t stay on our shelves… we still celebrated with 7 kids in 2nd  – 4th grade yesterday afternoon.  I suspect that many families are getting to the burnout stage of the school year and just can’t do one more thing!

Our program was only planned for 45 minutes and worked out perfectly!  I started out by reading aloud from Geronimo Stilton: I’m Not a Super Mouse.  I read the first few chapters – partially because as I said earlier, we didn’t have many copies of Geronimo Stilton available and partially because Geronimo gets stuck in the library elevator which I though was kind of fun!  After reading, I gave each of the kids an old newspaper and a paper with things they needed to find in the paper – like a sports story, a headline, a classified ad, a phone number, a letter to the editor, etc.  This gave us time to learn about how newspapers work and the parts of a newspaper as I suspect many kids are unfamiliar with printed newspapers.

After our newspaper treasure hunt, the kids created a mouse bookmark, decorated it with googly eyes, crayons, and embroidery floss.  The best part of this program was that we had all of our supplies at the library, so we didn’t need to purchase anything new!

We’ve only got one more program before summer reading begins – our pet turtle, Tera’s birthday next week!  She’ll be 15 and I’m so excited with our plans to create a fun celebration for the kids (and her, of course!)


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