Level Up: Pairing Video Games with Children’s and YA Books (Fallout)

28 Jul

Level Up- Video Game Book ListsEach Thursday this summer, I’ll be posting a video game and corresponding book list. This is just a fun, personal project that was actually the brainchild of my boyfriend who thought that A) it sounded awesome and B) that there are a lot of parents who would love to have some resources for those kids who would rather be in front of a screen than a book. I’m hoping these titles will appeal to both boys and girls who love gaming and who do love storytelling; they just need the right book to make them readers. Each list will include the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s (ESRB) rating for the game. I know that every family is different, but want to make sure this information is provided as I’ll be offering lists for games for younger kids as well as teens.

Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game (Mature)

Fallout.jpgFallout is an open world role-playing game that is set in the aftermath of global nuclear war in an alternate history timeline mid-22nd century. (Wikipedia) The main character has survived by living in a long-term shelter known as a Vault and is now focused on locating the Water Chip to save the survivors from dehydration and certain death. The books below are all about surviving some seemingly unbearable situations.

City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

The Builders created Ember to hold everything needed for survival hundreds of years ago, but now the storerooms are almost empty, the crops are failing and electricity around the city is failing.  When Lina and Doon discover ancient parchment they learn that all is not as it seems, but will the people of Ember believe them?

The Compound by S.A. Bodeen

The world as Eli knew it is gone and he and his family have been living in the underground Compound for six years.  The monotony of the day-to-day life that comes along with living in close quarters with your entire family is beginning to wear on Eli. But soon Eli’s father’s plans for the Compound threaten their way of life and Eli wonders if taking his chances above ground might be for the best.

Fallout by Todd Strasser

Scott’s dad is the only one in the neighborhood who’s taken the threat of nuclear war during the summer of 1962 seriously.  He’s created a fallout shelter in the backyard and stocked it with enough supplies for the family.  But the unthinkable happens and the neighbors pushed and prodded their way into the shelter along with Scott’s family.  Now all of their plans are for naught as there isn’t enough food, air or space.  Emotions run high and stress runs higher as the debate rages on when it’s safe to open the hatch.

V for Vendetta by Alan Moore

In graphic novel form, this story is set in futuristic, fascist England as a totalitarian government has taken people’s most basic freedoms.  When a man in a white porcelain mask begins fighting society’s oppressors through acts of terrorism, the reader must decide what is right and good and if the mysterious man is taking it too far. Check out the film by the same title.  This title is suggested for older teens.

Z is for Zachariah by Roberth C. O’Brien

Ann is sixteen years old and the only one left after nuclear war ravaged Earth and killed everyone she had ever known.  For an entire year, Ann has lived in a valley all by herself with no evidence of survivors, until she she’s smoke from a campsite.  A man is working his way toward  her safe haven and Ann has no idea what he wants with her and whether or not she can trust him.

Video Game Booklists:


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