Level Up: Pairing Video Games with Children’s and YA Books (Mario Bros.)

30 Jun

Level Up- Video Game Book ListsEach Thursday this summer, I’ll be posting a video game and corresponding book list. This is just a fun, personal project that was actually the brainchild of my boyfriend who thought that A) it sounded awesome and B) that there are a lot of parents who would love to have some resources for those kids who would rather be in front of a screen than a book. I’m hoping these titles will appeal to both boys and girls who love gaming and who do love storytelling; they just need the right book to make them readers. Each list will include the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s (ESRB) rating for the game. I know that every family is different, but want to make sure this information is provided as I’ll be offering lists for games for younger kids as well as teens.

MarioSMBWMario Bros. (Everyone – Everyone 10+)

Mario is a video game franchise with a variety of games, most focused on Mario’s adventures saving Princess Peach with his younger brother Luigi from the evil grasps of Bowser. The books chosen for this game style include high fantasy, adventure stories for all ages.

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen
Sage is a pawn in an elaborate plot to impersonate the king’s long-lost son and if Sage doesn’t do exactly as he’s told he will be killed. An adventure story filled with danger and intrigue around every turn that will keep middle grade readers on the edge of their seat awaiting the next installment in the trilogy.

Maze of Bones (The 39 Clue series) published by Scholastic
A fast-paced adventure series that begins with the question, “Choose $1,000,000 or a clue?” And with that, siblings Amy and Dan (two young kids) travel around the world to solve the biggest family secret, they never knew.

The Princess Bride by William Goldman
You may be familiar with the movie of the same title. This is the story that came first and makes for an amazing read aloud (just like in the movie). With sword-fighting, castle-storming, and princess-saving, there’s something for everyone in this book.

The Princess in Black (Princess in Black series) by Shannon Hale
A new series for early chapter book readers, Princess Magnolia has a BIG secret, she’s also a super hero saving the kingdom from monsters around every turn. But be careful who you read this story with, you wouldn’t want Duchess Wigtower to learn of the Princess’s secret!

Wonkenstein (The Creature in My Closet series) by Obert Skye
Rob isn’t the biggest fan of reading so all the books he’s given are thrown into the closet with an old science laboratory kit. But, one day Rob hears noises coming from the closet and discovers Wonkenstein a furry little creature that’s a combination of characters from the books he’s thrown in the closet. A laugh-out-loud adventure for the whole family.

Video Game Booklists:

14 Responses to “Level Up: Pairing Video Games with Children’s and YA Books (Mario Bros.)”

  1. Kate Unger June 30, 2016 at 8:06 pm #

    I love the Princess in Black! Especially the first and third books. Great parallel. 🙂

  2. Gina Henderson July 1, 2016 at 1:23 pm #

    Hi! Thanks for your books lists! I love them! I wanted to mention though that the Princess In Black series is by Shannon Hale, not Jennifer Holm.

    • literacious July 1, 2016 at 1:25 pm #

      Thanks, nice catch! Not sure what I was thinking!

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