Thrive Thursday: Fun Friday

3 Sep

We offer a lot of programming at our library and I’m lucky enough to plan and implement much of it!  One of our most popular program is called “Fun Friday” which I’ve talked about often on my blog.  Fun Friday is offered once a month on the Friday that the elementary school students get out of school early allowing teachers to meet across the district.  This leaves many parents/caregivers searching for something to occupy their children.  What better way then at the library!

We offer a 45-minute class for students in 2 – 4 grade and this year will begin offering a 30-minute class for Kindergarten & 1st grade students as well.  Originally having 1st – 4th grade students in one program made it very difficult to develop activities that were developmentally appropriate for 1st graders, while keeping the 4th graders engaged.

I like this program, because each month we offer a little something different.  Anything from STEM/STEAM to arts and crafts, to movement activities is game and I’ve definitely seen kids who come is groaning about doing science one month and leave the program saying, “That was pretty cool, Miss Laura.”

If you’re interested in seeing what I’ve offered in the past, just click on any of the links below for more information and get ready for another year of Fun Fridays!

thrive-thursday-logoThrive Thursday is an online blog hop in which participating bloggers post a description of a school age activity on their blogs the first Thursday of the month. All the participating posts are gathered into one spot in a link round-up. It is a way of sharing ideas, encouraging new techniques, and building community among children’s library staff and around the country (and fingers crossed…around the world).


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