Summer Reading Commercial

23 Feb

Characters RunningTonight’s the big night – we’re filming our Summer Reading Commercial!  We are so lucky to have a great working relationship with our government access channel, who is willing to help us film (and edit!) our summer reading commercial!  This year we’re even more excited because they are also creating a “behind the scenes” video of what goes into making this commercial each year.

We have our middle school group – the Junior Friends of the Library – acting in the commercial and we like to highlight the great entertainers we’ll have at the library this summer as well as the information about the program!  The kids each get to say a line and have costumes and/or props that help convey their message.  The middle school kids are such great sports about the whole thing because the camera guys usually like to make the commercial look as “perfect” as possible, so multiple takes is a must which sometimes flusters the kids, but usually works for our benefit!

This can be a long night so we’re going to have our Chocolate Party 2.0 with our chocolate fountain and chocolate activities for the kids to play while they’re waiting for to record their lines.  We’ll also be showing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the background for the kids to watch.

As I said, we’re lucky that our government access channel helps us with this commercial each year, but if you don’t have this type of access, you could try creating your own commercial using a video camera, cell phone or tablet.  It’s a great way to market your library’s summer reading program and a positive and empowering experience for the actors as well!


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