Chocolate Party

9 Feb

o-CHOCOLATE-facebookTonight, we’re having a chocolate party for our middle school service group, Junior Friends.  We’re actually creating a two-part party, which means more chocolate for everyone!  I also think it’s a great time of year to have something like this (with Valentine’s Day right around the corner) and it doesn’t  have to focused around the holiday, especially for our middle schoolers who range in grade from 5th – 8th.

We’re doing two parts because we are also filming our summer reading commercial later this month and who doesn’t like chocolate?  The middle school kids star in our commercial, so I’m outright bribing them to help us out!  On the menu for tonight, we’ll be having a chocolate fountain with tons of goodies to dip – marshmallows, oreos, pretzels, strawberries, and apple slices.  We’re also going to be playing a few games the first is a Hershey Kisses relay where kids will have to put on mittens (or gloves) and unwrap a Hershey kiss and then run back to their team.  Our other relay consists of the kids rolling a Whopper candy across the floor with their nose.  I found a lot of these ideas from a number of libraries, but the blog post that helped me the most was from Field Acquisitions: Library Ideas Gained Outside the Classroom.

And since we have to get ready for our summer reading commercial, we’ll be having the kids work on super hero masks that they can decorate as part of the commercial.  So, we get to have art & crafts, games, and food – sounds like a party to me!   I’ll make sure and post what we do in a few weeks which includes watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a few more great chocolate games!  We may even bring back the chocolate fountain, we’ll have to see!


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