Paper Covers Rock

14 Jan

9370806Paper Covers Rock written by Jenny Hubbard reminded me of another book I read called The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LeBan.  It has a similar feel with a male main character at a boarding school where secrets are being kept about a horrible situation that has occurred.  Without giving too much away, Alex is writing in a journal about the drowning accident of his friend while at boarding school.  His journal is hidden behind Moby Dick on the library shelf and he uses parts of the story to title the sections of his journal.  He slowly begins revealing more of what happened on that fateful day as the reader learns more about the accident.  Alex’s English teacher begins reaching out to him, offering her support when she suspects that something more happened that day.  Alex’s friend, Glenn, who was also present at the time of the accident insists that Alex must choose between him and their English teacher, possibly by covering up the truth.

Alex is a an interesting narrator as his journal is broken down into flashbacks, biographical information, and daily passages as the year continues.  I’m still thinking about the ending – I’m not sure if I was wholly satisfied with the way the story ended, but that might be why the author wrote it this way – to jar the reader into thinking about right from wrong, survival, lying, and more.  A YA book, Paper Covers Rock, would be definitely something I would offer teen boys to read.  It’s a mystery within a realistic fiction story – perfect for those guys uninterested by high fantasy and science fiction material.

To read more about the book, check out the website!

Title: Paper Covers Rock
Author: Jenny Hubbard
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Publication Date: 2011
Page Number: 183 pgs.


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