The Tragedy Paper

12 Aug

TRAGEDY PAPER coverI’m back!  After a week with extended family in the beautiful states of Tennessee and North Carolina, I’m back at work and reeling at how much I need to get done in the next couple of weeks!

Over vacation I was able to read a handful of books that I’ll be reviewing over the next week – I definitely thought I’d have time to read more, but with 15 people in one house, it’s hard to find quiet time!

This book was suggested to me by one of the bookworms, who is always looking for a new book to read and often leaves the library with an armload of 10+ books to take home.  I’ve been steering away from a lot of YA literature because so much of it is “heavy” reading.

Although this book definitely hits on the “heavy” topics, I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and writing style.  Duncan heads back to boarding school the fall of his senior year with The Tragedy Paper heavy on his mind – the biggest assignment in his high school years.  Soon, he is wrapped up in the tragedy of a another – a former student has left his story for Duncan to read including his own part in the fateful night last year.

Written in the perspective of two students, this book hits on friendship, school stress, romance, tragedy, secrets and their consequences with a strong protagonist and strong supporting characters as well.  I was also excited to find that Elizabeth LaBan, a first-time author, lives in Philadelphia – a local author!  Check out her website for a little more info!  Check out YouTube for a book trailer too!

Title: The Tragedy Paper
Author: Elizabeth LaBan
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: 2013
Page Number: 320 pgs.


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