Project LIT Community

25 Jul


There are so many children and young adult literature champions in our world and I’ve got to spend a few minutes here to share another one that, although I’ve heard a lot about, never got a chance to really understand his project until now – Jarred Amato.

Jared Amato is a high school English teacher in Nashville, TN and after reading about book deserts – areas where kids don’t have access to libraries and bookstores, he brought it to his classroom and Project LIT Community was born.

Project LIT Community is a grassroots literacy movement reaching students across the U.S. “to increase access to high-quality, culturally relevant books and promote a love of reading in our community” through both book discussions and service projects. This year’s booklist includes the following titles:

2018-19 ProjectLIT Middle Grade Book Club Selections

2018-19 ProjectLIT Young Adult Book Club Selections

There’s so much more you can learn about how to become a Project LIT chapter by checking out their Twitter account or submit an application through their Google Form. The project grew so fat they don’t have a website, but they are working on putting one together, so for the best way to learn more is to check out their Project LIT chats on Twitter. You can also check out the awesome interview between Corrina Allen and Jarred Amato on the Books Between podcast!

(And I’m totally going to read the titles on these lists that I haven’t gotten to yet! Yay for an even longer TBR list!)


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