History & Science of Mythology: 10 Nonfiction Titles for Fantasy Readers

3 May


Summer is here! And that means loads of time for kids to experience books in all their glory. This is also a great time to encourage kids to read the books they choose (without having to worry about school assignments) and to try out new genres that they might be interested in learning more about. This series will offer titles for toddlers to teens and include a variety of formats. Each week will focus on a different genre and will follow the same format:

  • Mondays – Titles for Ages 3-7
  • Tuesdays – Middle Grade Titles for Ages 8-12
  • Wednesdays – Young Adult Titles for Ages 13+
  • Thursdays – Nonfiction pairings
  • Friday – Recap of the Week


The 101 Coolest, Simple Science Experiments: Awesome Things To Do With Your Parents, Babysitters and Other Adults by Rachel Miller, Holly Homer and Jamie Harrington
Filled with easy-to-do experiments for kids (with a little help from a helper) using stuff you can find around house.

DK Mythology by Neil Philip
This book includes mythology from around the world with small tidbits of information that makes it a great book to skip pages to find what you’re most interested in.

Dragons and Mythical Creatures by Mary Pope Osborne
A nonfiction companion to Night of the Ninth Dragon, learn about dragons, unicorns, mermaids, and more—with Jack and Annie!

Everything Mythology: Begin Your Quest for Facts, Photos, and Fun Fit for Gods and Goddesses by B.A. Hoena
Learn about mythological heroes from Greek, Norse, Chinese, America Indian, African cultures, and more.

The Fairy Ring, or, Elsie and Frances Foll the World by Mary Losure
The true stories of how two young girls fooled the world with their belief in fairies and their talent in art and photography.

Fairy Gardening 101: How to Design, Plant, Grow, and Create Over 25 Miniature Gardens by Fiona McDonald
Create your own little fairy garden with your little one.

Harry Potter: Page to Screen, the Complete Filmmaking Journey by Bob McCabe
A behind-the-scenes reveal of how Harry Potter came to life on film.

Mythology by Edith Hamilton
A classic book that brings to life Greek, Roman and Norse mythology.

The Rain Wizard: The Amazing, Mysterious, True Life of Charles Mallory Hatfield by Larry Dane Brimner
In 1915 San Diego was on the brink of a drought and the town hired Charles Mallory Hatfield, a man with the “power” to make it rain. This book takes a close look at how Hatfield tracked the weather and whether or not he was a wizard or fraud.

Witches!: The Absolutely True Tale of Disaster in Salem by Rosalyn Schanzer
With primary accounts, this book takes a close look at the victims, town officials, and the general hysteria that took place during the Salem Witch Trials.


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