#blogbookaday: This Is Not a Valentine

10 Mar

26090165.jpgSummary:  “This book is not a valentine. It doesn’t have lacey edges or sugary hearts. But it is full of lucky rocks, secret hiding spots, and gumball machine treasures. This is a book about waiting in line and wishing for cinnamon buns. About recognizing that if you care so much about someone not thinking you care, maybe you really do. But wait—isn’t that exactly what love is about? Maybe this book is sort of a valentine after all. A testament to handmade, wacky, bashful, honest love—sure to win over the hearts of all readers—this offering from debut picture book author Carter Higgins and children’s book veteran Lucy Ruth Cummins is the perfect gift to celebrate every relationship, from parent to child, sibling to sibling, partner to partner, crush to crush.” (Taken from Goodreads)

Review: A young boy in elementary school shares gifts and secrets with a classmate, although he’s very clear to state “they are not a valentine.” I loved this story because it picks apart all the things that make Valentine’s Day such a huge holiday – hearts, lace, pink, glitter and more and shows that love comes in many ways, shapes and forms.

Personal Reaction: I loved how simple and raw the love in this book is – sharing the important things like secret hiding spots, gumball prizes, lucky rocks and so much more. I loved the illustrations showing a typical day in elementary school and I think this would be a great story to share around Valentine’s Day to talk about how important relationships of all kinds can be!

Title: This Is Not a Valentine
Author: Carter Higgins
Illustrator: Lucy Ruth Cummins
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: December 26, 2017

#blogbookaday (1)This is a new idea I’m trying on my blog this year that was inspired by @donalynbooks and @heisereads – to provide a brief review of a picture book every day of 2018. You’ll get a brief summary of the story, a review of the content, illustrations and theme, my personal reaction to the book and all the pertinent publication information! Enjoy!


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