Learn Well, You Will with Star Wars Workbooks

9 Mar


My most recent review box from Workman Publishing came to me with an awesome surprise – Star Wars workbooks! I was given 3rd Grade Reading and Writing and 3rd Grade Math as well as 4th Grade Reading and Writing and 4th Grade Math, but as you can see from the graphic above they have also released a number of options for kids from preschool through 2nd Grade as well.

These books come with the typical exercises and activities you see in grade level workbooks, set in the Star Wars universe with favorite characters from new and old movies alike, along with settings, plot lines, creatures and more!

For example, in 4th Grade Math, kids have to help Kylo Ren divide shapes into equal pieces with his lightsaber and while learning about area and perimeter kids myst help the clone troopers search a captured ship and measure the area they must search.

In 3rd Grade Reading, kids practice using past tense verbs as they work through sentences describing Jabba the Hutt’s history and compare and contrast Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker by using a Venn diagram.

dims.jpegThese workbooks are created by the editors of Brain Quest which for me, takes me back to my childhood where we would spend hours scanning through trivia questions geared toward specific grade levels. Now, Brain Quest does a lot more, including these awesome Star Wars workbooks which for would be a great way to encourage reluctant or struggling learners with a little bit of fandom!

These workbooks would be perfect to add to a summer basket of fun activities to encourage learning – add a Star Wars Lego kit, a few books to practice reading and maybe include some science experiment recipes that would work well with the Star Wars universe like slime to recreate Jabba the Hutt or create your own musical instruments to be part of the bar scene or use playdough to create the Death Star or make lightsaber sensory bottles – and voilà – the entire summer can be spent in Star Wars heaven, plus your kids are learning the whole time! Win Win!


2 Responses to “Learn Well, You Will with Star Wars Workbooks”

  1. Jen Robinson March 9, 2018 at 12:51 pm #

    Thanks! I’m going to check out the math one for my daughter for the summer.

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