Your only problem with The Problim Children will be that you want to read the sequel right away

22 Feb

333.jpgSynopsis: When the seven Problim’s Swamptastic house explodes, they’re forced to move into their deceased grandfather’s mansion in the middle of town. The rumor mill is swiftly churning as the children realize their grandfather may have left them a treasure hunt. Meanwhile, Desdemona O’Pinion, the next door neighbor hasn’t forgotten the feud from many years ago and wants to find the treasure before those meddlesome kids do. And she’ll do it at any cost, even if that means separating the children to go live with seven different sets of parents, because the kids really shouldn’t be on their own.

This is a first in the series that I’m sure will be full of adventure, action and attitude!

Review: I started this book and promptly couldn’t get the kids straight! I mean, there’s seven of them… but once they left the swamp and settled down in grandpa’s old house I started getting a better idea of who each kid was and they absolutely delighted me! Mona with her crazy ideas, Toot’s extremely stinky way of communicating, Wendell and his love of baking, Thea’s anxious, but loving heart, Frida’s whose rhymes and songs were perfectly times, Sal’s green thumb, and Sundae’s quest to keep the family together, no matter what.

I love a good mystery and quirky characters are the best, so combining the two is the perfect choice for me! Many reviews I’ve seen have compared this story to a Series of Unfortuante Events and The Mysterious Benedict Society both of which are good comparisons, but my favorite part of this book (and all Natalie Lloyd’s books) is her use of words – she writes some of the most beautiful sentences that I often pause and just read the sentence again and let it roll around in my head for a little bit. I’m anxious to see what happens next for these Problim kids!

Twitter Booktalk (280ish characters or less): The seven Problim children must move into their grandfather’s deserted home in town. Soon they’re searching for a treasure, while the towns rumor mill churns. This story is filled with quirky characters, laugh out loud adventure and quiet moments that fill your heart!

Title: The Problim Children
Author: Natalie Lloyd
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publication Date: February 6, 2018
Page Number: 304 pgs.


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