Follow-Up to Sexual Harassment in the Children’s Book Industry Conversation

16 Feb

Not only do I think it’s important to share that sexual harassment is something that is pervasive throughout the society we currently live in, but I also think it’s important to share a heartfelt apology from a man named for sexually harassing women in the comments of the SLJ article.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, start with the article posted on School Library Journal, followed by the article written by Anne Ursu. And I also posted my response on Monday, if you care to read my opinions.

I think what’s amazing is that one of the authors named as someone who has sexually harassed women in the past owned up to his behavior, no excuses, no explanations, just an apology and a plan to be far more aware moving forward. Take a minute to read Myke Cole’s response to finding his name listed in a place you never want your name to be. I’m not familiar with Myke’s work, but he has earned my respect as one of the few people to my knowledge that has owned up to his poor behavior and  apologized for it.

It’s never easy owning up to your mistakes privately and even more difficult to do so in a public forum, but Myke realized with the help of a really great friend that his behavior could be perceived by many as being sexually harassing – even though he didn’t see it that way in the moment.

And so, I want to thank you Myke for being a stand-up guy for admitting when you’ve made a mistake, apologized for said mistake and having taken steps to never let it happen again.


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