#blogbookaday: Nature’s Lullaby Fills the Night

9 Feb

35658993.jpgSummary:  “Night falls, and the world sings a lullaby in this beautifully imagined picture book. The lush illustrations and gentle, rhyming text will lull young readers to sleep. Shh—listen. Can you hear the quiet, loving sounds of the nighttime world? From moths fluttering their powdery wings, to a nightingale’s sweet trills, to swaying willow trees softly shushing, shushing everyone to sleep, this rhythmic, rhyming lullaby will soothe and calm little ones. The tender, nature-filled bedtime scenes sweep across land, sky, and sea, with animal parents everywhere tucking in their children. A final scene featuring a mother and her baby brings the whole story back home.”(Taken from Goodreads)

Review: This lullaby is filled with rhyming words that make the rhythm when reading aloud to be very smooth and comfortable. There’s nothing worse than trying to read a rhyming book that misses a rhyme or forces you to pronounce a word a very specific way to get it to work and this book, I’m happy to say, doesn’t do that. Each verse is done perfectly not only to rhyme but follow the same rhythm. The dark illustrations coincide with the idea of a bedtime lullaby keeping the colors in the same tone and palette. This is a beautiful combination of descriptions with gorgeous illustrations that make a successful bedtime story for little ones.

Personal Reaction: I loved this book in dark jewel tones with its quiet, rhyming couplets that would make this the perfect bedtime book for little ones. I really enjoyed the descriptive words to explore how each animal and plant gets ready for the night. I think my favorite spread was the one with dandelion puffs floating through the evening sky – “Drifting wanderers, white as snow, parachute where dreams can grow.”

Title: Nature’s Lullaby Fills the Night
Author: Dee Leone
Illustrator: Bali Engel
Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books
Publication Date: February 6, 2018

#blogbookaday (1)This is a new idea I’m trying on my blog this year that was inspired by @donalynbooks and @heisereads – to provide a brief review of a picture book every day of 2018. You’ll get a brief summary of the story, a review of the content, illustrations and theme, my personal reaction to the book and all the pertinent publication information! Enjoy!


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