Resource: Diverse BookFinder

29 Sep

Diverse-Book-Finder-LOGO_L.pngCheck out this great new resource for getting diverse picture books into the hands of readers. The Diverse BookFinder “is linked with a circulating collection of picture books published since 2002, housed at Ladd Library on the Bates College campus.” And although not as extensive as maybe this diverse list from the Children’s Book Council, it does provide really nice curated lists about specific topics and themes.

This will become a wonderful resource for teachers, librarians, parents and kids as they search for books that they can relate to or learn from. It’s my hope that as they continue this website, their collection will grow and become even more extensive. Because the list directly relates to a physical collection in a library, it will not be as robust a list as one of any title ever created that fits a specific theme. But, I also hope that because this curated collection is exactly that, curated by professionals in psychology, children’s literature and librarians – that they are able to create a really strong collection of the best titles that portray each of the themes available. I can’t wait to spend some time searching for a few of these titles in my library’s collection and maybe even purchasing a few for my personal library as well.


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