Strategic Plan Involvement

12 May

You may or may not know that our library is currently in the midst of developing a strategic plan. As a new director, this was my first goal for our library, creating a roadmap for the future, that can be adjusted as times changes, but provides us with a guide for developing new programs, making changes and providing new resources.

From the beginning, I have kept my staff involved to whatever extent they so choose. They are not required to take part, but my goal was that by the end of this process, the staff couldn’t complain, “Well no one asked for my opinion.” There have been emails sent out with regular updates, small group meetings for input during our SWOT and PEST analysis and posters in our staff hallway looking for suggestions.

My goal is that the staff feels as though they’ve contributed not only to this strategic plan, but have a stake in creating the best library for our community. I want my staff to feel as though we have a direct and positive influence in creating a stronger, more vibrant community. Plus, with staff involvement in the early stages of the strategic plan, they’ll feel more invested when we start discussing goals and objectives for the upcoming years.

And if you’re thinking, well don’t just involve staff… don’t worry our advisory Board has been involved since the beginning and we offered a community survey at the beginning of the year as well. Our development plan is right on schedule and I’m so excited about how far we’ve come already and the next steps we’re going to be taking!


One Response to “Strategic Plan Involvement”

  1. Kathleen May 12, 2017 at 5:43 pm #

    Congratulations! All of your hard work and dedication (and your staff’s) will definitely pay off.

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