Baby Shower Books – Version 2.0

6 May

I’m headed to, Jamie, my friend and fellow blogger’s baby shower today! If you’ve never checked out The Perpetual Page-Turner, go there now, I’ll wait. Also, check out The Broke & the Bookish, where Jamie is the creator and a contributor! Before I get into board books, I have to share how Jamie and I met. Jamie brings two little boys to the library, and has for years. So I vaguely knew her because she brought the boys to storytime. Then I was hanging out at an author visit to see Sarah Dessen in 2015 with my cousin a few towns away and I hear someone say, “Hi Miss Laura!” And automatically, I’m like, “Who the heck knows me from the library at home and is here too?” It was Jamie, who was interviewing Sarah Dessen for her blog!!!! Little did I know that I’d been following Jamie’s blog, The Broke & the Bookish and knew her in person and didn’t connect the two together. So that’s how we became friends and I’m so excited for her to become a mommy to a little girl (who doesn’t know how lucky she is)!

So, back to the point, I pretty much give only books at baby showers, it’s my MO. Babies grow so quickly out of clothes and toys aren’t much use right away, but you can always start reading on day 1 and I’ll always be a children’s librarian at heart, so board books for everyone! I did a board book/baby shower post last year, but I thought I’d give you some new suggestions of some great board books that you might not know about.


Learn colors, shapes, counting, places and much more in these accessible classics for the youngest readers! (You’ve got to check them all out at BabyLit!)


Have a tech fan in the family? It’s never too early to start to learn coding and STEM lessons! Others include CSS for Babies and JavaScript for Babies!


Similar to the BabyLit books, featured above, the Hello World series focuses on different destinations and early learning concepts like shapes, colors, and more!


Perfect for the science nerds – start teaching your baby about Quantum Physics, Rocket Science, General Relativity and Newtonian Physics from Baby University!


Although not a board book, this is a beautiful story of love that is a must for any baby shower gift. Check out Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s own story (and be sure to grab some tissues!)



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