AtoZ Blogging Challenge – Theme Reveal

30 Mar

thmrevelAlthough I missed the official theme reveal last Monday, I still want to take a second and reveal my theme for this year’s Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I participated for the first time last year creating 26 blog posts for storytime planning with great stories and rhymes to go with each letter. This year, since my job has shifted somewhat dramatically from offering programming on an almost-daily basis to being behind the scenes focusing on bigger picture projects and putting out fires on an as needed basis. I struggled with deciding on a theme for the challenge.  I know some people don’t have a theme, but I’m useless without one, so without further ado, this year’s theme is: 26 Traits for Effective Leadership. Over the course of the next month I’m going to go over 26 traits and how they have made me a better leader – even in the short time I’ve been the library director!


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