Screen Time – When, What, How Much?

21 Oct

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) just released a new report on screen time for young children.  And although it definitely is a change from what was originally suggested, there are a lot of similiarities, but with the ability to adjust your screen time as a family for what makes sense for you.

The basic results included:

  • screen time is now defined as “time spent using digital media for entertainment”-CNN
  • For children from birth – 18 months old screen time is still discouraged expect for video-chatting with family and friends
  • Limit screen time to one hour for children from ages  2 – 5 and focus on educational programming where parents and caregivers interact with the child throughout the program
  • And do to results from using media during certain times during the day – create a media-free meal time and no screens at least one hour before bedtime

For more information, check out the AAP’s online publication. And if you’re looking for more information about screen time and the effects on your family or how to create a media plan for you family, check out the Media and Children Communication Toolkit.


One Response to “Screen Time – When, What, How Much?”

  1. bethany3224 November 9, 2016 at 8:49 pm #

    I have encouraged parent of my students for years to stop or limit screen time with their little ones! I know that sometimes teachers are not viewed as legitimate professionals giving opinions, but coming from a medical standpoint may change their mind! Finally we have more ammunition to beg parents to turn off the screens! Great post!

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