Flannel Friday: The Crazy Traffic Light

4 Mar

IMG_2427The Crazy Traffic Light
by Rob Reid

There’s a crazy traffic light
On a corner in our town.
It has the normal colors,
You know, yellow means slow down,
And green means go
And red means stop.
It’s all the other colors
That’ll make your mouth drop.

When you see a pink light,
It means hop like a bunny.
When the light is purple.
Make a face that’s funny.
When the light turns orange,
You should bark like a dog.
When the brown light shines,
You can oink like a hog.
When the white light’s bright,
You should give a loud roar.
When the light turns blue,
Fall asleep and snore.

One day the workers cameIMG_2426
To fix that crazy light.
They tried to make it like
All the other traffic lights.
They spent a lot of money
Tearing out its guts.
They tried to guarantee
Traffic wouldn’t go nuts.
They put in brand new wires.
They worked all day and night.
The thought when they were finished
That they changed that traffic light.
But when they switched it on
After spending all that dough,
It flashed those crazy colors
That the kids all know.


This was an awesome flannel board that I discovered on Libraryland and although I only had one little boy during my sensory storytime when I tried out this rhyme, I think it would be a HUGE hit with a todddler/preschool storytime group – it’s so interactive!  And it’s so easy – you just need nice circles of felt in red, yellow, green, pink, purple, orange, brown, white and blue!


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