Parachute Storytime – Alligators and Crocodiles

1 Oct


Storytime is back!  This session, I’ll have a parachute storytime for ages 2 – 5 as well as a toddler storytime for ages 2 – 3.5.  For my parachute storytime, we use the paracture at every transition between books as well as the opening and closing.  The kids do a pretty good job with the parachute and can usually follow my one rule which is when I say, “1, 2, 3… FREEZE!”   everyone stops moving the parachute and freezes.  I decided to do a theme this week because I found some awesome alligator and crocodile books and although I was a little nervous about the scariness factor, the kids seemed to absolutely love the books.  After reading them all, my only concern was that The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water should really be titled, The Alligator Who Didn’t Like Water as that is one the the key differences between crocodiles and alligators.  18637033Otherwise, the kids had no fear and really enjoyed each book and loved playing “popcorn” on our parachute.  By the way, the best “popcorn” balls are the ones you can buy for a ball pit – lightweight so if a child gets bonked on the head, it won’t hurt and large enough that they can’t be swallowed by little ones.

Opening: “Shake Your Body Down” The Ultimate Laurie Berkner Band- Laurie Berkner Band

Nonfiction Sharing: Alligators & Crocodiles

Early Literacy Tip: Don’t be afraid to introduce young children to nonfiction or informational text.  15945864This is the perfect age to show kids that answers to their questions can be found in books!

 Book 1: Snip Snap!  What’s That? by Mara Bergman

Transition: “ABC” Jackson 5 (popcorn)

Book 2: The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water by Gemma Merino

Transition: “Take the Sun” More Please! ­– Caspar Babypants (opposites – up and down)

Book 3: Warning: Do Not Open This Book! by Adam Lehrhaupt

Closing: “Dance ‘Til I Drop” Just Say Hi – Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could


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