Preschool Storytime – 5/12/2015

15 May


My preschool storytime went very well this week!  Of course, I mentioned to my co-worker that I haven’t had more than 10 kids all session long and this week I had probably 15-18 kids.  Everyone did a really great job – the kids really enjoyed all three stories, especially Round Like a Ball! and I was shocked that many guessed the right answer by the end of the story.  The funniest thing to happen was during our song “The Body Part Game,” the song gives the kids directions about putting their wrist on their elbow, their elbow on the knee, etc.  At the very end you have to put your nose to your foot and not thinking about it, I sat on the floor and touched my nose to my toes.  The parents thought that it was amazing I could do it and gave me a round of applause which the kids thought was just great.  Overall, it was a really great storytime to end on for the session and it was a fun change compared to the toddler group.  For the summer, I’ll be continuing to work with the toddlers and I’ll be offering a yoga storytime for ages 2 – 5 while another librarian takes over the preschool group.

Opening: “Hello Hello” by Mose Se Sengo “Fan Fan,” Putumayo Kids Presents: African Playground (with shaker eggs)

Puppet Meet & Greet: Meet Woolly (monkey puppet)

ASL Sign: Ball (use curved hands outline the shape of a ball by bringing hands together to touch fingers)

Early Literacy Tip: Don’t just read a story, talk your way through it using the pictures, teach children that the pictures often match what the text says!

Book 1: Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

Song:  “The Body Part Game” – Greg & Steve, Shake, Rattle & Roll

Book 2: Duck on a Bike by David Shannon

Song: “Little Red Caboose” – Laurie Berkner, Buzz Buzz (shaker eggs)

Wiggles: A Ram Sam Sam

A ram sam sam, a ram sam sam
Guli, guli, guli, guli, a ram sam sam
A-ra-vi!  A-ra-vi!
Guli, guli, guli, guli, guli a ram sam sam

Book 3: Round Like a Ball by Lisa Campbell Ernst

Closing: “Rock and Roll Freeze Dance” – Hap Palmer, So Big


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