Best Practices… What Makes It the Best?

7 May

9502733952_85c9b0f7b1_kI’m currently working on filling out the application for our Best Practices for our state association.  Best practices are always difficult for me to think about.  What do we consider our best practices?  Did we borrow the idea from another library?  What programs should other libraries be aware of and be able to replicate?

My biggest concern is that I feel as though many of my ideas come from ideas I find through my Personal Learning Network (PLN), through blogs I follow, librarians I talk to and library visits I make.  And this isn’t a bad thing, using the resources at your disposal makes your job just a little bit easier and I am so thankful for having such amazing library friends who are so creative, interesting and inspiring.

I’m always thinking, “Well, I’m sure other libraries are doing something similar.  What makes our program any different?”  And herein lies the library’s best practice.  What makes your program different?  Did you borrow and idea and adapt it?  Did you do something that other libraries might already be doing, but give it a little spin?  Librarians love ideas.  That’s what makes us so cool.  Take those ideas and run with them.  Don’t be so concerned with having a program that everyone else is doing, but focus on what makes yours unique!  And sometimes, those programs that are so simple – those are the best to share!  We all want to make our lives easier!  Writing up these applications is always a little difficult for me, but I have found that if you’re passionate about the program, then your passion will shine through when you write about it.

We’ve submitted ideas every year and although we’re not always selected, I really enjoy hearing what other libraries across the state are up to.  That’s how we came across our Enchanted Library idea – from a best practice that we adapted to fit our library and it’s one of our most successful events all year!  I had planned on posting what we decided to submit as our best practices this year, but being as that our applications have not been submitted and reviewed yet, I’ll have to keep my lips sealed.

Anyone have any programs that have had rave reviews from patrons that you just have to share?  I’m always looking for new idea!


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