Family Storytime – Tigers

11 Apr

salmon (1)I must be on some sort of subconscious jungle adventure in my head, as last Saturday I did an elephant theme and today I did a tiger theme.  I’m not going to argue as both story times have gone really well.  Although I didn’t have a large group of kids – probably about 12 or 13, they were very excited to participate and looked like they were having fun.

I think the kids and the adults especially liked The Seals on the Buss, many were singing along as I read the story.  I also was really excited to be able to point out some great vocabulary tips to the parents as two of the books had some great animal names that are not as common as the usual ones you hear in children’s books.

Opening: “Hello Hello” by Mose Se Sengo “Fan Fan,” Putumayo Kids Presents: African Playground (with shaker eggs)

Book 1: Oh, No! by Candace Fleming 

Transition: “Let’s Samba” – Laurie Berkner Band, Rocketship Run (with shaker eggs)

Finger play: “The Tiger” (to the tune of Frere Jacques)

Orange and black,
Great big cat,
Four big paws,
Long sharp claws,
Through the jungle running,
Do you see her coming?
What a sight.
Will she bite?

Book 2: It’s a Tiger! by David LaRochelle

Wiggles: A Ram Sam Sam

A ram sam sam, a ram sam sam (pat lap once, clap twice)
Guli guli guli guli and a ram sam sam (x2) (roll hands, pat lap, clap twice)
A-ra-vi! A-ra-vi! (Skin-a-marink movement)
Guli guli guli guli and a ram sam sam (x2) (roll hands, pat lap, clap twice)

Book 3: The Seals on the Bus by Lenny Hort

Closing: “Rock and Roll Freeze Dance” – Hap Palmer, So Big


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