Preschool Storytime – PA’s One Book

8 Apr

ef1414c625c91793-NOSMAINPAGELike my toddler storytime yesterday morning, this week we presented Pennsylvania’s One Book, Every Young Child choice for 2015.  But, unlike the toddler storytime, I also added a number of different elements to really connect with these older children.  I’ve been doing a toddler storytime for the past seven years and working with preschoolers is a real treat.  That’s not to say that I don’t adore my little ones, but I love being able to pick out stories that have more of a plot, the kids are much more interactive as far as answering questions, and my activities will be more likely to change because I know that preschoolers like familiar things, but also enjoy exploring new things too!  It is my hope (if I buckle down and practice some more!) that I can debut my ukulele this session!

Overall, my storytime was pretty good yesterday afternoon.  It was a fairly small group of kids, I ended up with about 12, but it was nice to be able to interact with both them and their adults.  Now that I have seen the group, I know that I’ll want to make things very interactive, with lots of fun music and instruments to keep the kids engaged.  I think the kids will definitely like my book choices for this session – mainly just really great books, some weeks we’ll have themes, while other weeks the theme will be “Fun Stories to Share Together.”

Opening: “Hello Hello” by Mose Se Sengo “Fan Fan,” Putumayo Kids Presents: African Playground (with shaker eggs)

Puppet Meet & Greet: Meet Woolly (monkey puppet)

ASL Sign: Dog (pat leg and snap fingers – adapted for kids “pat leg”)

Early Literacy Tip: Take home a copy of Number One Sam to share with your child. Ask open-ended questions and give your child time to answer! Reading a book again and again teaches kids how books and stories work!

Book 1: Bark, George by Jules Feiffer

Transition: “Rockin’ Robin” with rhythm sticks

Book 2: Chickens to the Rescue by John Himmelman

Transition: “Bluegrass Jamboree” – Hap Palmer, So Big

Wiggles: A Ram Sam Sam

A ram sam sam, a ram sam sam (pat lap once, clap twice)
Guli guli guli guli and a ram sam sam (x2) (roll hands, pat lap, clap twice)
A-ra-vi! A-ra-vi! (Skin-a-marink movement)
Guli guli guli guli and a ram sam sam (x2) (roll hands, pat lap, clap twice)

Book 3: Number One Sam by Greg Pizzoli

Closing: “Rock and Roll Freeze Dance” – Hap Palmer, So Big


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