Miss Laura’s Favorites #6

17 Mar


It is finally our last week of storytime (2 or 3 weeks longer than usual due to the weather) and I have two weeks off before starting back again for our spring session.  After six weeks of choosing “my favorites” rather than choosing theme-related books, I can say it was a success!  I thoroughly enjoyed storytime and I think everyone really liked my book choices.  Now, I have to figure out what to do for my next six weeks – continue on choosing “favorites” or go back to themes.  I’m leaning toward favorites, thinking that I’ll have to dig deeper than my top 20 go-to books, but with back-to-back toddler storytimes (10:00 and 11:00am) followed by a preschool storytime at 1:00pm, I’m thinking I want to be as excited as possible!

So for my last storytime of the winter session:

Opening: “Put Your Hands Up In the Air”

Puppet Meet & Greet: Meet Woolly (monkey puppet)

ASL Sign: All Done (use 2 flat hands twist in front of you)

Early Literacy Tip: Use songs and rhymes to teach kids the smaller sounds in words.

Book 1: Can You Growl Like a Bear? by John Butler

Transition: “5 Little Monkeys”

Wiggles:Bananas Unite

Book 2: Do Crocs Kiss? by Salina Yoon

Transition: “We Are the Dinosaurs” The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band Laurie Berkner

Book 3: Freight Train by Donald Crews

Closing: “Shake My Sillies Out” Puppet Show
My kids absolutely love books that are interactive and I even made Freight Train interactive by telling the kids we were going to pretend to be trains moving our legs, going under a tunnel, through the dark, etc.  They had a great time acting it out and also making all the animal noises from Can You Growl Like a Bear? and Do Crocs Kiss?, two author/illustrators who I love!  Again, the kids absolutely loved doing the
Bananas Unite” song and I’m going to have to try and find something as good for the spring.  Jbrary – I’m looking to you!

If you’re looking for my other favorites, check out my previous posts:


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