E-Reading with Toddlers – Screen Time or Storytime?

24 Feb

This is not necessarily a new article, but I just found it and thought it was interesting enough to share.  The New York Times published an article last October discussing whether or not using e-readers and tablets constitutes reading together (storytime) or is it just screen time (which the AAP advises against for the first few years in life).

It’s definitely an interesting issue, and one that we won’t know the answer to for at least a few more years.  I believe that screen time can be used in moderation – especially given the chance to network with family spread across the country and even across the globe.  Will an episode of Dora the Explorer or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse hurt a young child?  Most likely not too much, but should they be watching hours of television or using cellphones or iPads constantly?  Not at all.

It will interesting to watch as more studies are done focusing on the effects of screen time (even educational) screen time on infants and toddlers.  Reading together is still one of the best ways to not only prepare your children for school, but to encourage language, understanding of the world, and a great time to spend together.


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