New Collection/Rebranding an Old Collection

27 Jan

I’ve been posting about our progress as we rebrand one of our collections in the children’s department.  The collection is what we currently call the Bridging Collection, mostly picture books that are for an older audience as well as a catch-all location for materials that don’t fit easily into the Easy Reader collection or the Juvenile Fiction collection.  So far we’ve run some reports, removed a number of books that are not circulating and have moved a number of items into more appropriated collections.  We are now literally going through each individual book on the shelf to make sure that the books in the collection are in the correct place.

We’ve gotten about a third of the way finished as far as looking at the books, but we now have to re-label a number of items and change their collection information and shelf label in the computer.  I’m hoping that we can finish this project in the next couple of weeks, but each book in the collection needs a new shelf label and sticker to identify it.

We labeling this rebranded collection “Illustrated Fiction” with a focus on picture books for an older audience, usually due to content (many are historical fiction books), others are funny for the older kids or are just a longer story in general.  As we have been going through these books, I’m getting excited to promote this fresh, clean collection of items and I’m hoping that kids and adults alike find value in the books in this collection.

My plan for once the collection is complete is to create a large display to highlight this “new” collection, create new, attractive signage, promote these books on social media, and maybe even write up a press release for the newspaper.


2 Responses to “New Collection/Rebranding an Old Collection”

  1. lochwouters January 27, 2015 at 2:06 pm #

    We did this same project two years ago and are so glad we spend the time. While not a barn burner in terms of circ, it has really allowed us to help these books find an audience that can appreciate them!

    • literacious January 27, 2015 at 2:44 pm #

      That’s my hope as well! They might not be the most popular books, but hopefully we’ll find the people who want them. Maybe a passive programming about the collection might help up our circulation…

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