Kid & Family Reading Report

10 Dec

Last week Scholastic provided a sneak peek of there Kid & Family Reading Report which is due out in January.

The brief sneak peek shows information, that I feel. Makes sense about kids today,but I’m interested to see more when the actual report comes out. “70% of kids ages 6 – 17 say they want books that make them laugh,” while “73% of kids in the same age group would read more if they could find more books they liked.”

When reading that statistic, it means to me that parents, teachers, and librarians need to be able to provide book suggestions for a variety of ages that will interest kids who have varying interests. Teachers and librarians need to continue to read books, reviews, and blogs to keep up on the number of books being published each year. Reference librarians need to be ready to provide book suggestions, which means spending the time to know the library’s collections and what should be added to the collection when kids ask for it.

Reading is almost an entire other job that usually doesn’t happen when I’m sitting at the Terence desk, but because I try and keep up with new books, I have a number of suggestions when kids come up to my desk asking for new suggestions. I’ll be interested to read more about the Scholastic report when it comes out next month, until then keep reading!


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