Life Size Clue (easier than you think!)

14 Oct
Clue playing board

Clue playing board

Yesterday, we offered life size Candyland for our younger patrons and life size Clue for our middle schoolers.  The board was not too difficult to put together – masking tape is your friend!  And rather than create a huge grid, we just made paths that the kids could walk on around the board and to enter into each room.  Because we have an amazing artist on staff during the summer, she was able to make us beautiful posters for each of the nine rooms in the Clue mansion.  And other than that, we made a huge die out of a cardboard box and made copies of all the clue cards for the kids.

For the actual game, we broke our 14 kids into three groups (remember you need more than two teams to make it work!) and let them work together to roll the die, keep track of the cards, and make predictions.  And it worked out really well!  Some of the kids had never played the game before, while others knew the strategy behind it and it was great to seem them work together.  Overall, the game lasted about 30-45 minutes (including instruction time) and it’s definitely something we’ll offer again!IMG_1658[1]IMG_1659[1]


2 Responses to “Life Size Clue (easier than you think!)”


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