Marketing Your Library

3 Oct

Marketing has been on my mind for awhile, maybe because it’s such a prevalent topic at conferences, but while I was sitting in on a session about branding your library, I realized that a great program to offer at a conference would be “How to Write an Elevator Speech.”  I’ve heard dozens of times that you should have an elevator speech ready and waiting, because you never know when you’ll run into someone who needs to hear it.  But, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever actually learned how to write one.  Enter a blog post that was just posted today over at Bryce Don’t Play about the ALSC Institute.  In the post she mentioned the Everyday Advocacy website as a wonderful resource to learn how to write that elevator speech that everyone talks about.

So I’m giving myself homework over the weekend, come up with one or two elevator speeches to use when talking with people in the community about the importance of what I do.  I also think this might be something I share with the staff here at the library so that no matter who is seen, we have that speech prepared to present anywhere and everywhere!


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