Toddler Dance Party

16 Sep

giraffes-cane28099t-dance-imageWe had a lot of fun at our toddler dance party this morning.  It’s so interesting to see what kids do – some come in ready to dance, others take a while to warm up, but end up dancing in the end.  Our program lasted about 45 minutes with some families leaving around the 30 minute mark, while others kept dancing right up to the end!  We ended up with about 15 toddlers and their caregivers.  If only I could get more of the caregivers to dance with us, some of the kids would have been more willing to dance as well.  I specifically set up my room without chairs and they still pull chairs down from the stack to sit on.  Regardless, I pointed out that music, singing and dancing is helpful to kids to learn phonological awareness, vocabulary, and math skills as music creates great beats.  I also had to remind a few parents that the kids can experience the music however they want – running in circles, playing with the instruments, dancing by themselves or with their caregivers.  There’s no “right” way to dance, the goal is just to have fun!

Song: “Oh Hey Oh Hi Hello”
Artist: Jim Gill
CD Title: Jim Gill Makes IT Noisy in Boise Idaho

Song: “If You’re Happy and You Know It”
Artist: Big Kidz Band
CD Title: Indian Elephant Tea

Song: “Rock-A-Bye Your Bear”
Artist: The Wiggles
CD Title: Magical Adventures Bonus CD
Special Instruction: Small teddy bears for each child

Song: “No More Monkeys”
Artist: Asheba
CD Title: Putumayo Kids Presents: Animal Playground
Special Instruction: Jingle Bells for each child

Song: “Rock and Roll Freeze Dance”
Artist: Hap Palmer
CD Title: So Big

Song: “Sing-a-Move-a-Dance”
Artist: Colleen and Uncle Squaty
CD Title: Sing-A-Move-A-Dance

STORY BREAK Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae

Song: “Clap Your Hands”
Artist: They Might Be Giants
CD Title: NO!

Song: “Animal Crackers”
Artist: Wee Hairy Beasties
CD Title: Putumayo Kids Presents – Animal Playground

Song: “We Are the Dinosaurs”
Artist: Laurie Berkner
CD Title: The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band
Special Instruction: Rhythm sticks for each child

Song: “Drivin’ in My Car”
CD Title: Ralph’s World

Song: “Ants in My Pants”
Artist: Gunnar Madsen
CD Title: Ants in My Pants
Special Instruction: Shaker eggs for each child

Song: “The Tempo Marches On”
Artist: Jim Gill
CD Title: Jim Gill Sings Do Re Mi on Toe Leg Knee

Song: “Go Crazy Remix”
Artist: Weird Science
CD Title: Yo Gabba Gabba: Music Is Awesome!
Special Instruction: Children’s choice!


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