American Helicopter Museum Visit

14 Aug


Last night was our last big program of the summer (yay!) where we invited the American Helicopter Museum to give the kids some brief information about helicopters and then the kids got the chance to sit in a helicopter, push some buttons and take some photos.  For the event, we also had a craft station where the kids could create their own helicopters using an egg carton and some cardstock.  This is mostly the version we used to create the helicopter craft – making our own adaptations to create the best possible flying helicopters.  Summer volunteers were a huge help in getting all of the supplies ready for this craft.  We also served our Edible Book Contest entries as refreshments for the party.  Overall, it was a lot of work, but everyone had a great time.  The helicopter was a HUGE hit!

Today has been much quieter than I was expecting, but it’s a great time to get some work done that had been pushed to the back burner during  the busy summer months.  I’ve been planning some of our fall programming, wrapping up some parts of the summer reading program, just trying to find the surface of my desk after stacking stuff on it all summer long.  We still have a few programs left this summer and kids can record their books and minutes up until August 29th, so we’ve still got 2 more weeks, but we starting to wind down and I am so ready for it!



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