Preschool Dance Party

4 Jun

Yesterday I blogged about my Toddler Dance Party, well today I wanted to quickly share my song list for my Preschool Dance Party I held yesterday afternoon.  It was very well attended, but I did notice that many more of the preschoolers needed more direction than the toddlers – they (the toddlers) would just jump, turn around in circles and have fun, but many of the preschoolers would dance if there were directions, but without directions some of the group tended to just stand around.  I’m not sure if this was just the group dynamic or if this is more common, so I did try and change up a little of my music to give the kids more songs that had actions to them.

Song: “If You’re Happy and You Know It”
Artist: Big Kidz Band
CD Title: Indian Elephant Tea

Song:“Beanie Bag Dance”
Artist:Greg & Steve
CD Title: Kids in Action
*Beanie Baby animal for each child

Song:“No More Monkeys”
Artist: Asheba
CD Title: Putumayo Kids Presents: Animal Playground

Song: “The Tempo Marches On”
Artist: Jim Gill
CD Title: Jim Gill Sings Do Re Mi on Toe Leg Knee
*Marching around the room faster and faster

Song:“Clap Your Hands”
Artist:They Might Be Giants
CD Title: NO!

Strong:“Fast and Slow (The Rabbit and the Turtle)”
Artist:Laurie Berkner
CD Title: Rocketship Run
*Parachute moving fast and slow

Song:“Pete the Cat and His White Shoes”
Artist:Mr. Eric
CD Title: The Big Silly with Mr. Eric

Song:“I Really Love to Dance”
Artist:Laurie Berkner
CD Title: The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band

Song: “Rockin’ the Chute”
Artist: Michael Plunkett
CD Title: Shakin’ the Chute
*Parachute with “popcorn” balls

Song:“Big Fun”
Artist: Greg & Steve
CD Title: Big Fun

Song: “Feet”
Artist: Peter Himmelman
CD Title: My Green Kite
*Rhythm sticks for each child

Song: “Go Crazy Remix”
Artist: Weird Science
CD Title: Yo Gabba Gabba: Music Is Awesome!


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