Story Time Planning

22 May

I’m not one to fish for compliments, but I really enjoy when a parent in my story time truly enjoys the 30 minutes we spend together.  Because, contrary to what I feel some believe, I actually spend a considerable amount of time planning my story times “lessons.”  I’m a “theme story time leader” whereas many of my counterparts are great at throwing whatever stories they like best together.  I always feel a little more in control when I can rely on a theme.  And there are so many amazing books out there for kids, that I usually don’t have a problem finding books appropriate for my kids that are great read alouds too!

This summer I’m thinking about focusing each week on a specific Early Literacy skill (talking, singing, reading, writing, playing) and I need some help coming up with some books that fit into each of these categories.  I plan on shooting this question out into the Twitter-verse as well because I know children’s librarians love to help answer questions and put together reading lists.  So, if you have any great suggestions for a toddler group (ages 2 – 3.5), don’t hesitate to leave a comment or shoot me a tweet!  You’ll be seeing my story time plans this summer as I get the chance to post them!


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