Story Time Theme: Rain

29 Apr

H061_I.tifIt worked out perfectly!  Without changing my plans, my “rain-themed” story time actually occurred on a rainy day!  Normally, it’s a sunny 80 degree day when I try and do a rain theme in the spring.  The kids really liked this theme with the stories that had all different activities they could do when it rained.  We talked about each one and how much fun it could be.  Bunny Fun was definitely a crowd favorite today, while I absolutely love the language and illustrations of Red Rubber Boot Day – it’s poetic and the painted illustrations are absolutely beautiful.  Split! Splat! is not a book for the faint of heart – tons of silly words that twist your tongue up!  Today the kids were busy and  excited, but not bouncing off the walls which made it a little easier to actually read through the stories and they loved “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” complete with hand motions and flannel board!  The perfect story time theme for the perfect story time day!


  • Traditional: Put Your Hands Up In the Air & Open Shut Them
  • Yoga: Warm-up (Rock n Roll, Zip up Spine, Deep Breaths, Cat/Cow, pounce from child pose (lunge forward, Dog)

Puppet: Meet Willy (monkey) and give high fives!

Early Literacy Tip/Story Stretcher: Extend your story time by taking a walk after it rains to see what you can find. Rain drops on tree leaves, wet grass, worms, etc.

ASL Sign: Rain – use “five hands” and pull down in front of you like rain falling

Book One

  • Traditional: Bunny Fun by Sarah Weeks
  • Yoga: Rain by Many Stojic


  • Traditional (fine motor skills): 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
  • Yoga Sun Salutations (Mountain, Reach Up, Touch the Ground, Hands at Knees (flat back), Plank Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Walk Toward Hands, Repeat 3x)

Book Two

  • Traditional: Red Rubber Boot Day by Mary Lyn Ray
  • Yoga: Bunny Fun by Sarah Weeks

Transition (changes weekly)

  • Traditional (fine motor skills): Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Yoga Focus: Warrior (Star, Warrior I, Warrior II, Crane, Sunshine, Ragdoll)

Book Three

  • Traditional: Split! Splat! by Amy Gibson
  • Yoga: Split! Splat! by Amy Gibson



  • Traditional: Shake Your Sillies Out Puppet Show
  • Yoga: Cool-down (Bridge, Happy Baby Pose, Star Pose/Deep Breaths)
    • “Cradle Spell of Dunvegan”(Putumayo Presents: Dreamland, World Lullabies & Soothing Songs)
    • Namaste

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