20 Mar

9212014Tom Lichtenheld is probably one of my favorite picture book authors for an older audience (including adults!).  His books have a humor that young children might not understand, but make me chuckle every time I read one of his books.  Other books, Lichtenheld has written and/or illustrated include E-Mergency!, Zero the Hero, Shark vs. Train, and Exclamation Mark to name a few.  Like I said, his humor in his words and illustrations always make me laugh and are perfect books to share with young elementary school age children as they will better understand the humor!

Cloudette is about a very small cumulus cloud who can’t do things other big clouds can do, until one day when she gets caught in a storm and the wind pushes her to a place far away from her home.  She soon finds a frog living in what used to be a pond (but is now a puddle) and finds the strength in herself to help the frog and his friends.

Title: Cloudette
Author/Illustrator: Tom Lichtenheld
Publisher: Christy Ottaviano Books
Publication Date: 2011


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