The Most Magnificent Thing

6 Mar

untitled“The great thing about life – the most magnificent thing about being these sentient human beings – is that we have been given the power of choice.” -Bryant McGill

This quote works perfectly with this story that teaches kids that sometimes all you need is a little perspective.  The little girl in the story is ready to build “the most magnificent thing” and with the help of her assistant (her pet dog) she is ready, but soon becomes discouraged as try after try doesn’t come out the way she planned.  Finally, she has had enough, throws a tantrum and quits.  Her dog suggests they take a walk and by doing so, the little girl realizes exactly what she needs to do – take parts of each try and create her “most magnificent thing.”

This is a story that every child should hear because sometimes you can try something and it just doesn’t work the way it should, but there’s always room to learn from your mistakes and try again.  I’m really excited because this story will work perfectly with this year’s summer reading theme “Fizz, Boom, Read” as a way to teach little ones that inventions don’t always work out perfectly the first time.

Title: The Most Magnificent Thing
Author & Illustrator: Ashley Spires
Publisher: Kids Can Press
Publication Date: 2014


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