Story Time Theme: Shapes

28 Jan

perfect-square-greenwillow-300x300Identifying shapes is so important to a child’s development, it’s the beginning of understanding letters and words and an important early literacy skill.  My first story time of the session focused on shapes, but in a much more abstract way than identifying squares, circles, triangles, and more.  The kids did a great job during the program and we had a lot of fun!  I came back to story time after Midwinter conference energized and excited because of Guerrilla Story Time (it was awesome)!

Parent Info: “Letter Knowledge starts with talking about shapes and comparing things, like figuring out what’s alike and different between two things.  You don’t necessarily need to use an ‘alphabet’ book to talk about letters.  Begin by helping your child pick out the letters of their name as you read.”
*I always try to give a little tip to parents, so they understand why we do some of the things we do!

Opening: “Oh Hey Oh Hi Hello” (Jim Gill Makes It Noisy in Boise, Idaho)
*I’ve never used this song before, but it worked perfectly with my parachute… as they say “hello” in different ways, we changed the tempo of shaking the parachute to match and the kids had a great time!

Book 1: Perfect Square ~ by, Michael Hall
*If you haven’t gotten a chance to experience this book, please go find it now! It’s beautiful and has so many great concepts – shapes, colors, days of the week, and imagination at its finest!

Transition: “Milch” (Putumayou Kids Presents: Picnic Playground: Musical Treats from Around the World)
*I also do “popcorn” with the kids during parachute story time, the kids laugh with excitement as the balls fly through the air…. and they love helping to clean up! I bought that used in a play pit for my “popcorn” and they work perfectly a good size and won’t hurt anyone.

Book 2/Flannel Board: It Looked Like Spilt Milk ~ by, Charles Green Shaw
*I created a flannel board for this story from Kiz Club, and it adds a great storytelling/visual piece to my story time.

Transition (changes weekly): “Fast & Slow” (The Best of The Laurie Berkner Band)
*I like to focus on the difference between fast and slow during this song as we shake the parachute to match the music.

Book 3: Press Here ~ by, Hervé Tullet
*I’ve used this story in the past and it never fails – kids love participating! I let them participate from their seats and there are always looks of delight when the actions change the illustrations.

Closing Song: “Freeze!!” (Shakin’ the Chute: Fitness with a Parachute by Michael Plunkett)


2 Responses to “Story Time Theme: Shapes”

  1. mssaramakingnoise January 29, 2014 at 10:21 am #

    I LOVE “Press Here!”


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    […] at Literacious, Laura Arnhold shares a great parent tip on how shapes are an important part of learning letters. Also she mentions Guerrilla Storytime. It’s the […]

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