The Key and the Flame

5 Jan

This was my first book by Claire Caterer and it was definitely a fun-filled magical adventure for middle grade readers and it’s definitely left with an open ending for a follow-up story. Eleven-year-old Holly is always being told that she needs to get her head out of the clouds and focus on her schoolwork like her younger brother and computer whiz does. But when the family moves outside of London to a small village, Holly finds a small gift addressed with her name. She knows no one in this little town, but when the gift is opened, an old fashioned key is revealed. And soon, Holly is learning about the magic that surrounds the village and castle ruins.

Holly, her brother and their new friend pass through a magical tree and sent on a great adventure in a familiar, but very different land. Holly must save her brother and friend while better understanding about the magic she is capable of. This was an magical adventure quest that is a great story about the importance of believing in magic and the power of imagination. This is definitely a must-read for kids who love fantasy quests and adventures filled with magic.

Read more about the author on her website!

Title: The Key and the Flame
Author: Claire M. Caterer
Publisher: Margaret M. McElderry Books
Publication Date: 2013
Page Number: 480 pgs.



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