Weeding in the Library

3 Jan

Due to some structural issues in our library over the past few weeks , we’ve decided to begin the HUGE task of weeding our picture book collection. Our collection is in a finite space with limited shelving and in order to add more to our collection we have to get rid of some things.

Weeding is one of those library issues that can be difficult for the public to understand and for staff to accomplish. For a long time I felt really guilty about getting rid of books because who wants to do that? But, I’ve learned that in order to provide the best service to our patrons we have to provide the books that they want and need and provide space for those by removing books that are not circulating.

Not don’t get me wrong, we don’t grow these books in the trash, unless they have been damaged or are falling apart. Many of these books are sold in our used book sale and many libraries do very similar things. The best resource I have found for helping a library with huge weeding projects is the CREW Manual provided by the Texas State Library and Archives Comission. This manual provides great guidelines for better understanding how and when to weed books in he collection.

Weeding is not always an easy project, but one that is necessary for better customer service for the community. I’m excited to start these new projects that will make the library a better place in 2014!


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