The Adventures of a South Pole Pig

25 Nov

13429616There hasn’t been a pig like this since Wilbur!  Flora, is a farm pig who dreams of life outside of the pigpen.  Her biggest dream is to pull a sled like the sled dogs being trained on the farm.  Soon she has her chance when she is taken with the dogs on a ship bound for Antarctica.  What Flora doesn’t understand is that she’s not on the trip to pull a sled… she’s there as a food source!  But when the adventure takes an unexpected twist, Flora is ready to show her worth – and not as the bacon!  Flora, a sled dog named Oscar and a persnickety cat named Sophia are about to have the time of their lives!

This was such a fun story to read about a resilient pig craving adventure!  I’m excited to share it with some of the kids that I know love animal books, because the animals in this one are so genuine and have great personalities.  This is a perfect story to cozy up with as the weather begins to grow colder.  Check it out, today!

To find out more about author Chris Kurtz, check out his website!

Title: The Adventures of a South Pole Pig
Author: Chris Kurtz
Publisher: Harcourt Children’s Books
Publication Date: 2013
Page Number: 278 pgs.


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