Road Trip

18 Oct

I took a road trip to my parent’s house for the weekend and tabbed a few audiobooks for the road. It’s a five hour trip across the state and a perfect time to get some “reading” in with nothing else to do but pay attention to the road. I normally don’t get a chance to listen to audiobooks, my commute to work is ten minutes tops and most everything else I do is close by. For the most part, I find that I can read much faster than it takes to listen to an audiobook. But there are some really great audiobooks out there and some great narrators and casts that perform them.

I chose to listen to the the book Road Trip written by Gary Paulsen and his son, Jim Paulsen. Road Trip is a story of an adventure a father and son (with their border collie) take to pick up a rescue dog before it gets put to sleep. Along the way, the two pick up a few other unique characters and learn a few important lessons along the way.

The audiobook used two narrators, one for the main story line and the second narrator was used for the voice of their pet border collie, Atticus. The voice of the dog, is absolutely perfect in my opinion and definitely made the story. This was such a great story, I laughed out loud, felt for the characters, and was entertained. This is definitely one to check out!

Title: Road Trip
Author: Gary Paulsen and Jim Paulsen
Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books
Publication Date: 2013


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